PAX Next Steps Teacher Training

PAX Next Steps Teacher Training provides additional professional development in PAX strategies for teachers trained in PAX GBG.


PAX Next Steps Training provides teachers who have previously been trained in PAX GBG with enrichment and extension activities. This 1-day, in-person professional development training expands on the lessons from PAX GBG Initial Teacher Training and the original PAX Manual for up to 40 teachers. This training explores advanced strategies and methods in the PAX Manual that are not provided in the initial teacher training.


This training also gives teachers access to a certified PAX Trainer to help troubleshoot implementation issues they may face in the classroom. It also provides explicit instruction for using PAX Kernels in tiered instruction and for students who have been exposed to trauma. Teachers also receive training on utilizing the PAX Up! App for implementing and monitoring their use of PAX GBG in their classroom. PAX Next Steps Training provides in-depth instruction for differentiated application of many traditional PAX strategies to create expertise in implementing PAX GBG.