PAX Heroes Partner Training


PAX Heroes Partner Training provides professional development to professionals already trained as PAX Partners to support teachers implementing PAX Heroes.


PAX Heroes Partner Training provides up to 20 previously trained PAX Partners with the PAX Heroes Manual and two days of in-person instruction with a certified PAX Trainer. This training provides skills in supporting teachers who will be implementing PAX Heroes strategies with students in need of more individualized support from Tier 2 and Tier 3 strategies. Partners also receive instruction on using the PAX Up! App for data collection and analysis as well as guiding classroom implementations. PAX Partners will learn to guide teachers in their structured observations and analysis of problematic behavior. They will also learn to refine PAX GBG implementation to support the specific needs of students that struggle behaviorally. They will also learn to guide strategy selection for students with the most intense needs as well as integrating PAX Heroes into schoolwide PBIS structures and behavioral procedures. PAX Heroes Partner training also provides methods for coordinating PAX Heroes implementations with available clinical and counseling support available in the school or district.