PAX Heroes Teacher Training


PAX Heroes Teacher Training provides professional development focused on children in need of intense supports for teachers trained in PAX GBG.


PAX Heroes Teacher Training provides up to 30 teachers who have previously been trained in PAX GBG with new variations and strategies for students who continue to demonstrate behavioral difficulties. This 1-day, in-person training delivers explicit instruction in using the PAX Heroes Manual to identify areas of student difficulty and refining PAX GBG implementation to support those needs. PAX Heroes Teacher Training also provides instruction in analyzing activities and areas of difficulty for students and selecting targeted Tier 2 and Tier 3 strategies to improve their behavioral and academic performance. Teachers also receive training on utilizing the PAX Up! App for implementing and monitoring their use of PAX GBG in their classroom. This training also provides explicit instruction in behavior observation and analysis useful in identifying useful strategies in and out of the classroom. PAX Heroes Teacher Training provides instruction in integrating PAX Heroes assessment, analysis, and strategies with existing clinical assistance and school-wide procedures.