PAX Partner Training


PAX Partner Training provides coaching and support training to professionals that will guide PAX GBG implementations in the school.


PAX Partner Training provides up to 20 internal or external school personnel who have previously been trained in PAX GBG with the skills to support a new or existing PAX GBG implementation. This 3-day training features one day of online content instruction followed by two days of in-person instruction with a certified PAX Trainer. This instruction and the PAX Partner Manual provide PAX Partners with the skills to support teachers in initiating and maintaining a PAX GBG implementation in their classroom by promoting the step-by-step integration of PAX strategies with fidelity into their classroom procedures. Partners also receive instruction on using the PAX Up! App for data collection and analysis as well as guiding classroom implementations. This training also includes strategies for troubleshooting and additional assistance for teachers with students who continue to struggle. PAX Partners learn expert coaching and support skills in order to effectively guide teachers as they improve their implementation. Partners also learn fidelity monitoring and use of data to alter implementations and collaborate with school and district administration to generate the best outcomes possible from the PAX GBG implementation.