PAX Pre-Service Training


PAX Pre-Service Training provides pre-service teachers with the skills, strategies and supplies to implement PAX GBG in their future classrooms, and provides opportunities for research and partnership with colleges and universities.


PAX Pre-service Training consists of PAX GBG Initial Teacher Training tailored to the pre-service teacher setting. This 1-day, in-person training provides up to 40 pre-service teacher candidates with PAX GBG instruction along with a PAX GBG Kit and Manual to use in their own classrooms as well as to practice in their field placements that use PAX GBG. This opportunity also encourages the collaboration between colleges’ participating pre-service teacher training program and the local schools they partner with for student teaching. PAX Pre-service Training is a step on the PAX Pre-service Rollout that provides opportunities for partnership between universities and PAXIS Institute in the areas of research and other human service strategy dissemination.