strategic planning and development

PAX Strategic Planning and Development sessions provide guidance to local and regional groups, agencies, and stakeholders in planning for their new or existing PAX GBG implementations. This 1-day, in-person session features guidance and feedback from a certified PAX Trainer in planning and coordinating resources before beginning a PAX GBG implementation or creating for sustainability or expansion during or after an initial PAX GBG implementation.


This session also helps stakeholders fit PAX GBG into a Strategic Prevention Framework and plan for each step including Assessment, Capacity, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, Cultural Competence, and Sustainability. By organizing needs and resources through PAX Strategic Planning and Development, regions can prepare for maintenance and expansion opportunities as they arise and also identify and unite stakeholders, resources, and support.


Communities that take part in PAX Strategic Planning and Development training optimize their local capacity for prevention support and maximize the sustainability of their implementations. Outcomes from a Strategic Planning and Development session also provide communities with logic models and other information necessary to secure subsequent internal and external funding.