PAX Good Behavior Game Initial Teacher Training


PAX Good Behavior Game Initial Teacher Training provides teachers with all skills, strategies, and supplies necessary to implement PAX GBG in the classroom.


PAX Good Behavior Game Initial Teacher Training provides current teachers with training in all the classroom strategies of PAX GBG. This 1-day, in-person session allows up to 40 teachers to learn the evidence-based practice along with their peers in an interactive format from a certified PAX trainer. This is the foundational training of PAX GBG and ensures proficiency in each of the PAX Kernels as well as the PAX Game. In addition to implementing strategies, teachers learn the importance of a nurturing environment and its effects on trauma, self-regulation, and mental health outcomes throughout the lifespan. Teachers also learn about the role they can play in supporting the students that are most affected by environmental influences.


In this training, teachers receive a PAX Kit that provides all the materials necessary to carry out PAX GBG in their own classroom including the PAX GBG Manual. Teachers also receive training on utilizing the PAX Up! App for implementing and monitoring their use of PAX GBG in their classroom. Teachers leave this session with all the training and skills necessary to begin their PAX GBG implementation the very next day. PAX GBG Initial Teacher Training also demonstrates how PAX strategies integrate seamlessly into existing tiered-intervention and additional school-wide procedures.