How to start the school year with PAX

In our building:

· What do we want to See, Hear, Feel, Do more and less of as a staff?

· Plan for data collection

· Identify short and long term goals for PAX?

· Identify how PAX can enhance PBIS efforts?

· Identify ways our administrator can promote PAX implementation?

· Organize a school wide PAX behavior kick off assembly. Let students’ role play PAX behaviors in common building areas.

· Create building wide meaningful roles

- Identify morning and afternoon student greeters

- Older students help kindergarten students with cafeteria logistics

In my classroom:

· Create a Tootle Note board

· Hang PAX posters

· Have parents write a Tootle Note to their child at Open House

· Leave a Tootle Note on the desk of each student during the first week

· Create a PAX Vision with your students

· Identify PAX Leaders during student morning meeting

· Add PAX language (PAX Hands, Feet, Voices) when reviewing classroom procedures

As a PAX Partner:

· Schedule a meeting with teachers to discuss their PAX Vision

· Collect base line data

· Provide roll out plan to teachers (on PAX Partner website)

· Copy kernel recipe cards from PAX Partner website

· Create a “Welcome Back PAX Newsletter”

· Create a building wide PAX bulletin board

· Copy Tootles and place in teacher workroom

· Attend PBIS and Grade Level Team meetings

· Schedule a meeting with Administrator